Governance Workgroup

Oct 13, Champions Meeting 

10-13-2017 14:41

Health Information Exchange – Feasibility Study

Champions Meeting

Friday, October 13, 2017

Present: Michael Vlases, M.D., MMA, Jaclyn Kinkaid, MTPCA, Jonathan Griffin, M.D., BCBSMT, Patty Kosednar, MPQHF, Deb Anderson, MT HIMSS, Daniel Hillman, RiverStone Health, Jonathan Weisul, M.D., Mark Hinman, St. Vincent Healthcare, Jean Branscum, MMA, Becky Zaharko, MMA, David Kendrick, M.D., MyHealth Access, Joe Walker, MyHealth Access

 Communication: Jonathan Griffin, M.D. stated that he would have a draft communication plan by next meeting and that he has been promoting HIE in other venues.

  • Core messaging
  • Personal interactions with stakeholders in the state
  • Communication materials for progress make / invitation to participate in setup
  • Webinar for 100+ from December 2016 meeting
  • Website / branding
  • Next steps?

 Communication plan by next meeting

  • Has been promoting HIE in other venues
  • Obs: No dedicated staff to this effort at present
  • Note: WyFi - Wyoming Frontier Information
  • Association conference at the end of this week …
  • Circle back to consider top 5 points


Incorporation: Jean Branscum

  • Drafts – bylaws and incorporation documents
  • Name of organization
  • Help Needed? Next steps?



  • 501c3 is the model defining other HIEs
  • Define a governance model + develop articles of incorporation – Seeking feedback from SHIEC
    • MyHealth sharing its founding docs
  • Forming informal working group (Lovelace, Taylor)
    • Anticipated to constitute the initial Board of Directors
    • MMA to operate as a nesting organization
  • Baldwin, CIO at state is a yes
  • IHS Director meeting being scheduled
  • Providence rep
  • VA – reach out to present opportunity
  • Question – funding partners to participate in Board or not?
  • Intent – CEO’s are target audience for governance
  • Kincaid: Encourage inclusion of safetynet representation (Jean: Cindy is included)
  • Vlases: Recipient of care? Possibly an employer, sugg. Montana University



Business Plan: Jean Branscum


  • Committee value prop materials as input
  • Promote state-wide support to secure funding
  • Help needed / Next Steps


  • 90/10 proposal for capital funding with local 10% -- available until 2021
    • Summarize the grant findings to use as seed material
    • Base on template business plan (hopefully) from one or more SHIEC HIEs willing to share
    • 10% match from philanthropies, and consider employers
    • DK: Consultants who can help – DK to connect with and refer them
    • + Governor’s office is supportive!
  • MyHealth to provide draft conclusions document on planning grant
  • Q: How much should the ask be? Initial for the org stand up and business plan drafting; should align with and contribute to the full 90/10 proposal
    • Reference: $95K for creation of biz plan in Libby
    • Actual range observed: $10K - $1M
  • Consider the business plan and the other proposals to all be one and the same
  • Suggest: Initial ask should include funding for staff


Other Business:


Pilot report: Multiple years loaded; StV just completing Epic update and catching up. Superutilizer report anticipated 10/26. Portal is online, under validation before roll-out.

  - At risk: BCBS working on claims feed. Escalation plans to help remedy by end of month

  - Initial objectives expected to be met by Feb 2018


High engagement and commitment, solid PM

 - Successful pilot



Q1: Are any self funded plans involved in pilot?

A1: Have not engaged any thus far, willing to do so

Q2: What % of market will be in the pilot?

A2: 2 Hospitals + RiverStone = a large chunk, ~12-20% of all care in BCBSMT book of business


RFP coming out for state information management; opportunity to align with this effort?


Discuss alignment of efforts within the state


David Kendrick: Most important is patient density for a provider. HIE becomes much more valuable with high penetration within a region.



  • MyHealth to submit grant summary document
  • MyHealth to share incorporation documents
  • David Kendrick to connect consultants with Jean
  • Jon to finish Communication Plan
  • Ongoing work on Communication, Incorporation, Business Plan
  • Next meeting: October 27

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