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9/8/17 Champions Meeting - Video & Notes 

10-06-2017 10:14

NOTES  9/8/2017 Montana HIE Planning Meeting – WHAT, WHY, HOW, WHO, WHEN

  • Narrow the ROI (3 slides down to fewer points of focus) with health system input
  • Proposal: Establish an HIO by end of year [Votes: 3]
    • Start right away
    • Define who representation should be
    • Start with initial smaller Board tasked with establishing bylaws and policies
    • Create collateral for ROI discussions and to win support (including Billings pilot)
    • Development of a business plan
    • Commitment to a voting structure can drive interest also
  • Next Steps:
    • This group to meet…
      • Communication - JOHN
      • Incorporation - JEAN
      • Business plan - JEAN
        • Possibilities suggested by Jean (Department Commerce could help develop business plan)
        • Health Care Foundation – want to see a feasibility study and can provide additional funding
          • One major keys to feasibility: COMMITTED stakeholders (beyond interested stakeholders)
            • Cost projection, pocketbook … ROI for stakeholders
          • Ask SHIEC for input
        • Schedule next meeting: First week of October, timing every other week
        • Suggest Fridays …
        • Communication back to the group at large to invite them to this activity.
        • Drafts of bylaws and incorporation
        • Name
      • Communications plan
        • Website / branding
        • Communicate out the progress we’ve made on this project
        • Report out to the 100+ who attended Dec2016 meeting: Document + Webinar – with invitation to a governance position on NewCo
      • Justification for HIO includes:
        • Provides a place for funding to be directed
        • Structure for decision making
        • (90/10 IAPD funding may be able to help fund some efforts)
        • (Note: HRSA grant supports community needs assessment and development of business plan for information coordination in Libby, MT)
      • Identify broad state-wide support to secure funding from current grantor
      • Considered: Transition from Billings Pilot to State-wide HIO?
        • Billings pilot doesn’t have an existing entity, presupposing a state entity would emerge

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