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Summary of task force meetings

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    Posted 04-20-2017 14:51
    In the final Privacy & Security task force, I said I would share the committee meeting slides and share the conclusions from the meeting. Here's my draft of the message we understand the task force intends to deliver to Governance. If you would like to revise it, please respond. I've also attached the slides I presented in each of the sessions to this post.  The full policy document that these slides are derived from is available in the library section, and also at Policies - MyHealth Access Network.The legal agreement that we use is also posted in the library.


    Privacy & Security task force: The group discussed the work done before for HealthShare Montana, the Billings legal framework, the MyHealth legal framework, and other possibilities. They agreed at this phase to review the major decision points that would need to be resolved in order to establish a framework, and discussed how MyHealth has resolved these. Three phone sessions were used (following the kickoff) to review the components of the MyHealth framework and discuss implications in Montana. In the final meeting, the task force voted to send feedback to governance stating the following:

    No issues appeared to be unresolvable and on the outset it appears MyHealth's model could work as a starting point for Montana, after organizations commit sufficiently to allocate time to understanding and adapting the framework to us. Note: Few representatives attended these meetings, and of those, few attended all meetings, and development of a framework will require consistent commitment from the privacy officers in more participating organizations.


    If you have any questions about any of the topics we discussed, or ideas/comments please use these discussion boards for that purpose. Right now in Oklahoma I'm preparing for a rigorous discussion about the risks organizations face in downloading a patient's full CCDA from another source and storing it in their own system. We don't currently operate that way today but many do, and we're considering whether to go down that path. Such discussions are a great illustration of the value of spending time together as a community discussing these issues, and not sitting back and having them dictated for us by tech vendors and politicians.

    Joe Walker


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