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    Posted 04-20-2017 14:21
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    As discussed in the finance committee meeting, I've attached the HIE ROI calculator that we developed and used with participants in Oklahoma in our early days. The first tab in the sheet is a summary tab.  In general throughout the form, yellow boxes indicate places that input is required.  Some default options are entered so the model is prepopulated.

    The first tab, Summary, presents (at the top) the costs and estimated value calculations based on the current values in the workbook. The Value Summary section shows the value estimates broken down by organization type (large systems may be interested in evaluating value across multiple organization types).Users should place "X" next to the relevant types of entities contained within their organizations to enable the cost and value calculations for those types of organizations.

    Scrolling to the bottom, the pricing section presents a draft pricing sheet to help users estimate what their cost may be. Obviously this is extremely rough and does not reflect any kind of final cost, but it reflects some of the original thinking we were doing on pricing.  It also does not account for the discount curves that we developed for large organizations, so it's important for everyone to recognize this is not an authoritative model. It is useful, though.

    All yellow fields are designed to accept input from the users.  Yellow fields with values in them already should be edited to reflect the stats of the user's organization.  Pop-up comments provide additional information to help the users navigate.  Some yellow fields in the pricing section are either on or off. They have a drop-down menu to select the only valid option for the cell, or the value in the cell can be deleted to disable that option.

    Hyperlinks will take users to the detail sheets, and the expanders on the left side of every sheet will enable users to drill in to the details that calculate the numbers. Users can zero out value options that they don't think applies, or edit assumptions.  This model was developed in a fee-for-service world, so it isn't going to consider potential value on that front, but many other parts of it are relevant.  Please take a look and let us know what you think.  We have no problem sharing this but would ask that we be identified as the original source to all recipients ... and we would appreciate a heads up when you share it further, just to know where it's going...

    If you have questions or comments by all means post here or contact me directly.


    Joe Walker