• Physician Care Matters: MMA Legislative Positions 2018

    Health care continues to be one of the top topics being discussed at both the state and national levels. As the 2018 elections unfold, any solutions presented and aimed to control health care costs, improve access, increase transparency, or reform the current health care delivery system will impact the way physicians practice medicine and deliver care to their patients. 

    We want to know what you are thinking. Please complete this survey and share your opinions. As the voice for Montana physicians, the MMA will be active in the 2019 Legislative session protecting your interests and working to ensure good health care decisions are made. Help us to represent you well.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tips from Former Smokers® Campaign

    Tips From Former Smokers® features real people living with serious, long-term health problems caused by smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke.
    The body begins repairing itself immediately after quitting tobacco; blood pressure lowers within 20 minutes; the chance of a heart attack decreases after 24 hours; and risk of coronary heart disease cuts to half that of smokers after 1 year.

    Tobacco users are 7 to 10 times more likely to quit when they use the Montana Tobacco Quit Line than if they were to try quitting alone. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to enroll today!
  • Arthritis affects 1 in 4 Montanans with over 100 conditions having unique impacts on day-to-day living.
    Arthritis does not discriminate based on age or gender but adults living in rural areas are more likely to have arthritis.

    Participation in arthritis exercise or self-management programs is an effective method for pain management and improved quality of life for those living with arthritis.
  • Physicians Tackle Prior Authorization. Interested? Attend May 31 Conference Call!

    Physicians interested in reducing the onerous prior authorization requirements are invited to join MMA President Nicole Clark, MD, and your colleagues in a conference call at 7 p.m. on May 31, 2018, to chart a path forward on PA reform. 

    This meeting will be an open forum for concepts to be presented on how to address prior authorization requirements to allow for more timely patient care. Receive the conference call information by contacting Misty at the MMA Executive Office at or at 406-443-4000.

    Since the formation of a prior authorization task force in 2017, Montana physicians have shared stories of burdensome prior authorization requirements that have resulted in patient care delays, added cost, and practice burdens. These stories spurred conversations on PA reform with Montana health plans and consideration of legislation. 

    2017 AMA Survey Provides Proof of Impact
    Montana physicians’ stories shared are also now supported by the results from the 2017 AMA physician survey where strong evidence is provided of the significant impact this burdensome process can have on both patients and physician practices.

    • Practices complete an average of 29.1 PAs per week per physician
    • This PA workload requires 14.6 hours—nearly two business days—of physician and staff time.
    • 84 percent of physicians characterized PA-related burdens as high or extremely high
    • PA hassles also have been growing over time, with 86 percent of physicians reporting that PA burdens have increased over the past five years.
     PA reform concepts advanced in other states and by the AMA have focused on several key areas, including reduction in the overall volume of PAs, improved transparency and communication, protection of continuity of care, and automation to increase process efficiency.

    The Montana WWAMI Medical Education Program is seeking physicians to serve as one of six Montana representatives on the University of Washington School of Medicine Admissions Committee. The term is for 3 years with the option of serving an additional three years. The term would begin in the fall of 2018 for the interview season, which begins in January of 2019.

                 The required qualifications for prospective committee members are:

                          1.      An M.D. degree from a medical school accredited by the American Association of Medical Colleges.

                          2.      The ability and willingness to donate without compensation (other than travel expenses) the time necessary to meet the responsibilities of the committee. Usually, this means a week of interviewing in Bozeman from Sunday-Friday in January or February, to interview candidates and to meet as a committee, as well as time to review written materials before and after those meetings. This is a significant time commitment.

          3.      The ability to participate in occasional educational sessions with the Dean of Admissions at the UWSOM and the Montana WWAMI Advisory Committee and other WWAMI activities as needed.

                          4.      Interviewing skills.

                          5.      A familiarity with current methods of medical education.

                          6.      An understanding of those qualities and attributes necessary to be a successful medical student and a competent and compassionate physician.


                 It is desirable if committee members have the following additional qualifications:

                          1.      Familiarity with the operation of the University of Washington School of Medicine and the WWAMI Medical Education Program.

                          2.      Previous experience with medical school admissions procedures.

                          3.      Familiarity with the physician workforce needs of Montana and how WWAMI medical school admissions may impact that need.

                          4.      Familiarity with undergraduate medical education programs.


    WWAMI and the University of Washington School of Medicine strive to maintain diversity and balance among its admission committee members with respect to race, gender, geography and other attributes. Physicians who may be interested in serving on this committee are encouraged to mail an application consisting of a C.V. and a cover letter explaining their interest and qualifications to:

     Jay Erickson M.D.  525 Railway Street, Suite 100, Whitefish, MT 59937. 

    If you have questions or need more information, please contact Dr. Jay Erickson M.D., Assistant Dean Montana WWAMI/Clinical Phase at or by phone at 406-862-3810. The deadline for applications is May 18, 2018. The selection of the Montana WWAMI admissions committee member is under the direction of the Commissioner of the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education of the Montana University System.

    Hard-Wiring Leadership Excellence in Medicine

    September 28-29, 2018 Fairmont, MT

    Topics Include:
    • Thought process and highly effective leaders
    • Effective mental management tactics
    • Designing Relationship Effectiveness
    • Deploying Critical Thinking Skills
    Facilitated by Wendy Samson FutureSYNC, International